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It’s time to redesign the juices

easy to get, easy to store and easy to drink anytime, anywhere


Reinvented Ayurveda: Effervescent Tablets

  • Amla, Aloe vera, karela jamun are considered the most beneficial superfoods which not only lead towards a healthy lifestyle but also detox, increase immunity and maintain the body. But, due to the pungent odour, bulky size of bottles, and bad taste of juices people avoid these products in spite of their numerous benefits.
  • First time in the history of Ayurveda, Muditam Ayurveda revolutionized the way of having Ayurvedic juices. After years of research and studies, we are glad to announce that now you can carry a glass of juice within your pocket.
  • Just drop a tablet in a glass of water, wait for the fizz and start your day in the most trendiest and refreshing way in the world.
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Traditional Ayurveda: All other products

  • Muditam also brings you the traditional and yet modern way of healthiness
  • Ayurveda is India’s rich ancient legacy that covers all aspects of wellness.
  • In Muditam, we have combined the traditional Ayurvedic values and practices with technology to provide innovative products to our customers. We have delivered more than 5k products to the Indian customers till date.

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We aim to gear up the power of Ayurvedic Herbs to deliver the best possible products with the help of modern techniques and technology to the end users.

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