Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets

Why Take Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a necessity to add to your diet for growth, development, and repair of the body tissues. It helps in healing the wounds, collagen formation, proper functioning of the immune system, and maintains cartilage and bones, skin wrinkling, eye diseases, and the list is long. According to the nutritionists, it is good to have 500-2000mg of Vitamin C on regular basis.

You can have many food items that contain a high level of vitamin c, such as citrus fruits like amla, orange, pineapple, etc, and vegetables like lemon, capsicum, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc., but amla is considered the best source of Vitamin C.
It has been researched that amla is enriched with Vitamin C 20 times more than oranges. Including vitamin C in your basic diet can do wonders for your overall health and skin. But it is also true that everyone is so busy that they cannot pay much attention to their diet and health.
So, in this case, you can go for effervescent tablets, which you can carry anywhere, and one single dose is sufficient to meet the requirement of Vitamin C on a daily basis. You can take an effervescent vitamin C tablet anytime in the day by dissolving it in water or any other liquid. This is the best way to fulfil the need for vitamin C in the body.

Following are the Vitamin C effervescent benefits:

  • Eliminating the risk of long-term diseases- Many experts say that Vitamin C can reduce the risk of many severe diseases like heart attacks, stroke, asthma, etc. This has the capacity to boost and strengthen the immunity and metabolism of the body. It also helps in healing the wounds and stop skin aging.
  • Regulates high blood pressure- Vitamin C helps in relaxing the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart, which reduces the chances of high blood pressure. So, it is good to have vitamin C in your diet, especially the adults.
  • Reduces lithic acid level- During lithic/uric acid and gout, people face pain in joints, especially in the toes. Also, some face the issue of swelling and sudden attacks of pain. It happens when the level of uric acid is high in the blood.
    Uric acid is a kind of waste produced from the body, and it sometimes stores in the joints, which results in pain. According to the studies shown, people consuming vitamin C effervescent tablets have a less uric acid level in the blood.
  • Overcomes iron deficiency- Iron plays an important part in strengthening the body organs. Iron is an important aspect of formulating red blood cells in the body and transporting oxygen. It is commonly said that vitamin C supplements help in improving the absorption of iron in the body. It works great for the ones who prefer a meat-free diet.
  • Immunity booster- Vitamin C plays a major role in boosting the immunity of the body to fight against bacteria and infection.

Above are some of the benefits of Vitamin C. Having effervescent vitamin C from a known brand like ‘Muditam Ayurveda’ is very effective and acts great for your body.

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