Tulsi Drops

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Muditam Ayurveda is excited to launch Tulsi Drops that have infinite healing properties and helps in maintaining your overall health.

Tulsi drops have anti-microbial, anti-aging, and anti-oxidant properties and help in boosting immunity, fighting respiratory problems, relieving arthritis, minimizing stress, and works as an antiseptic too

Being available in forms like Krishna, Rama, Kali, Kapoor, and Vann, these Tulsi Drops can provide instant health benefits.

How To Use:

  1. Take 3-5 drops of Tulsi
  2. Mix it in half glass (100 ml) of water

Repeat the process twice or thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Health Boosting Drops– Almost every Indian family is aware of the benefits of Tulsi consumption. Asthma, bronchitis, colds, congestion, coughs, flu, sinusitis, sore throat– all of this can be cured with these magical Tulsi Drops. Not just that, it helps with weight loss, soothes indigestion, lowers cortisol levels, boosts immunity and so much more.

Bring efficiency in your life while combating minor to major infections and health conditions with Muditam Ayurveda’s Tulsi Drops.





Tulsi Drop

Muditam brings you the traditional and yet modern way of healthiness

Tulsi DropsTulsi Drops
Tulsi Drops
Panch Tulsi Drops


Tulsi helps reduce stress, regulate blood pressure levels and is used as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Tulsi leaves contain some amount of mercury and are acidic in nature. When eating tulsi leaves daily, the mercury released causes damage to the teeth and the acidic nature affects the enamel.

Yes, you can consume Tulsi everyday. You can eat the raw leaves or drink tea as a hot beverage. 

Yes, Tulsi leaves when mixed with milk forms an effective skin lightening face pack.

Consuming too much tulsi can lead to liver problems in some cases. Tulsi contains Eugenol which prevents toxin induced damage to the liver.

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11 reviews for Tulsi Drops

  1. Pankaj Mishra

    I am 66 yrs old. I purchased this bottle because Tulsi is well known name in India and it was available at discounted price and additional free yoga sessions. It was worth giving a try. I bought it for Immunity boosting but surprisingly it was beneficial in various other problems.

  2. Raj Chauhan

    it contains extracts from five types of Tulsi, which is why I prefer adding this drops in place of just boiling Rama Tulsi leaves. It has a strong smell, so to start using I would recommend to add just 2-3 drops first and then gradually increase to 5-10 drops. It does have a slight sweet taste.

  3. Jayprakash Jhadav

    Great option natural immunity booster from the trusted brand Muditam Ayurveda. I love Karela Jamun Crush too for my dad. Great results

  4. Satyajit Mathur

    I’m very glad that I bought it. Tulsi extract is very good for health.

  5. Salim Lamiyee

    I have been looking for the products which builds immunity especially in this pandemic… its a best immunity booster which is useful in cough & cold , helps in stress management, good for liver health. I started using this product by adding it into lukewarm water two times daily … and i can feel the change within a week…i feel more active and refreshed after using this tulsi drops… it contains totally natural products which can help one to boost immunity… I recommend everyone to use muditam tulsi drops you will start loving this product…

  6. Vandana Purohit

    Plus point is kids are also having the water with tulsi drops without any fuss.
    Tulsi drops are really good as immunity booster and antioxidants and its pure nature. Loved the product

  7. Ritu Thapa

    If you like basil am sure you will definitely like this product. This product is worth. Also I really enjoyed the free yoga sessions along with the products. Sessions were amazing and conducted by Ayurvedic doctors and yogacharyas. They clarifies most of my doubts about ayurveda. Really brainstorming

  8. Sonam Devgan

    The product was delivered on time and the packaging was very good. This Panch Tulsi drops are 100% ayurvedic and all the ingredients are natural.
    Includes 5 extract of types of tulsi. Tusli drops helps to build our immunity. Very easy to use as it comes in liquid form. Me and my family are taking tulsi drops daily. Highly recommended product.

  9. Abhi athavle

    3-4 drops in water and you have fragrant flavoured water. I drink more water these days just because of this drop… Just make sure that the water is slightly cooler than room temperature to get the best effect. Not refrigerated… but just cooler than room temperature… something like mud pot cool effect…

  10. krish

    This is helpfull product.using from 5-6 days it is helpfull in our cough and cold. It is nowadays necessary to have this type of medicine to protect us from covid. Its helps in immunity boosting

  11. Laxmikanta Devi

    Nice , fully satisfied and recently manufactured product and original too.

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